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Test report of PE powder:
Description of polyethylene powder:

Thermoplastic Powder is also named PE powder, designed for fluidized bed coating of metal articles. It is ideal for wirework applications like refrigerator wire shelves and baskets, display racks and scratch pens.
The powder has characteristics of non-poisonous, excellent flexibility, insulating property and resistant to chemical and low temperature, is suitbale for thick coating applied for anticorrosive coatings of steel tubes & pipes, hookers, highway traffic, railway, refrigerator shelves, coat hanger, food shelf, shoe rack, crank of bicycle, these powders can be applied to steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals employing standard powder-coating techniques.
Aside from its excellent insulation properties, it is also resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents. It is available in regular customized colors.
Available types:
A, Standard type; B, Weather resistant type; C, Engineering type
A: Suitalbe for bike parts, toy, tools, etc.
B: Suitable for exterior structures, air conditioner casing, etc.
C: Suitable for road grid, exterior grille, chemical equipment, pipe, etc.

Application condition:
Pre-heat the part to be coated to 270-360°C, place in a fluidized bed for 4-8s, then baking at 180-190°C for 2-5 min. Stay to let coating film leveled.

Powder properties:
Density: 0.9-0.92; Non-volatiles: ≥99.5%; Melt index: 10-50g/10min; Particle size: 220-270um;

Cured Membrane properties:

Typical measured value
Gloss (60°C)
Flexural test (film thickness 200um)
Accelerated ageing (B, C types)
Tensile strength (B, C types)
Rupture elongation (B, C types)
Shore A hardness

Packaging: packing in braid bags or composite paper,maintain the integrity of packing bags to keep the products from contaminating or damping,the net weight is 25kg.
Storage: Store in a cool (<35°C), dry, ventilated place. Storage life: 12 months.